On 01.01.1959. mills and bakeries from the territory of five municipalities (Vršac, Plandište, Uljma, Alibunar and Bela Crkva), merged and formed the Mill Company "Banat".

On 15.11.1960. the company merged with the company for grain traffic "Žitar" and did business together under the title: "The company for production and trade of milling, bakery products and cereals Žitobanat Vršac".

During the 1963rd to the "ŽITOBANAT" attaches chocolate factory "Banat" as the operation of an independent calculation. During the 1962nd and 1963rd "Žitobanat" built biscuit factory and released into operation on 08.03.1964. as a plant with an independent calculation called "VIK"-Vršac.

In 1972. from "ŽITOBANAT" stepped out previous BOALs from other municipalities, but within the company remainand BOALs, the mill "Banat" Vršac, the mill "Udarnik" Straža, the mill "Napredak" Velika greda, Bakery "1. Maj" Vršac and biscuit factory "VIK" Vršac.

Mill "Napredak" Velika Greda was extracted from the "ŽITOBANAT" in 1983. and merged with "Agrobanat" from Plandište. Bakery "1. Maj" stepped out of composition of "ŽITOBANAT" during the 1990s in to an independent company.

Since 1990. the "Žitobanat" operates as an independent company for the manufacture of grain mill products with a working unit: mill "Banat" Vršac and mill "Udarnik" Straža, working with the community of shared services.

In 1999. company entered into the process of privatization and became a joint stock company.